To sign up Email James Navé • Call or text 1-919-949-2113.

Admission: 10 dollars at the door.  Students below 18 Free. 

Come listen.

Or put your name in the hat for a chance to tell a true story about SPIRITUAL COMMERCE.  We'll choose ten names from the hat. If we draw your name, you'll have five minutes to tell a true story. 


We'll pick five judges from the audience. They'll judge your story 0-10 like a diving match. Our scorekeeper will drop the high and low score and keep the middle three. The highest score at the end of the round wins.


Limit your story to 5 minutes. You'll have a 30 second grace period. If you go over 5:30 we'll deduct .05 points for every 10 seconds over. For example, if your score is 29.2, and you clock out at 5:39, we'll deduct .05 points. If you clock out at 5:41, we'll deduct .10. 



1) Practice telling your story until you can tell it off-book, no paper allowed.

2) Time your story, trim, trim, trim until it's 5 minutes long. 

3) Make sure your story has conflict and resolution. For example, "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." -Ernest Hemingway. 


To sign up email James Navé • Call or text 1-919-949-2113